Here's How 2021 Is Going So Far

[Compiled from a Twitter thread]

The amount of Stockholm Syndrome in web development and overall engineering is mind-boggling and overwhelming.

I don't even know where to start with people who love how hard frontend development is today.

Frontend is undeniably complex (and extremely so). However, it does not have to be hard, or compiled, or heavy (in runtime and bytes). These are invented problems.

"Imagine if literally everything wasn't terrible." doesn't work when the recipient loves how it is right now.

I'm so exhausted. Frontend development has devolved into a race to the most complicated solutions to already-solved problems and propped up by thoughtleadership that excommunicates anyone who dare speak out.

You fall in line or you are labelled "obsolete."

I think if this is how frontend web development is going now and into the future, I'd rather be obsolete. I don't want to be part of this travesty when we are ultimately mocked for it.